Utility | Work Truck

Electric, Gas, and Water Utilities coupled with Municipal Services operate vehicles in high wattage situations powering tools, lights, pumps, and an assortment of critical applications.  Common vehicles in this market include aerials, service bodies, and heavier duty maintenance units.

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Applications: Variable Speed Drills, Circular Saw, Ground Rod Driver, Air Compressor, Pelsue Blower, Scene Lighting, Gas Prover, Electro-Fusion, Rechargeable Tools, Cable Power Supply

Recreational Vehicle

Recreational Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and so does the inverters we make to support the different load mix. Basic loads, like a small refrigerator or entertainment devices can be supported by quasi sine wave inverters.

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Applications: Microwave, Flat Screen TV, Toaster Oven, Laptop / Printer, Accessory Chargers, DVD/DVR, Satellite Receiver, Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, Charging house batteries

Renewable Energy

For reliable power regardless of grid connectivity, Magnum inverter / chargers, interconnection system equipment, and accessories are a solid base to build a back-up or off-grid power system.

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Applications: Off Grid, AC Coupling, Battery Backup


Both day cab and sleeper units need AC power for auxiliary power devices, anti-idling requirements, and more traditional “hotel” loads such as televisions, DVD’s, computers, printers, CPAPs, and microwaves.  Most consumer electrical equipment require a clean and constant source of AC power availa

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Applications: C-PAP, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Video Game Console, Laptop Computer, Crock Pot, Toaster Oven, Flat Screen TV, Air Conditioner, Refridgerator


Military vehicles have numerous auxiliary power requirements to support various loads. We have been designing and building thousands of inverters that are easy to operate and perform well in the field under harsh conditions like high temperatures.

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Applications: AC Power Tools (single phase), AC Power Tools (three phase), Special electronic devices, Satellite Recievers, Water Heaters, Computers and Printers, Battery Chargers


Whether dealing with unreliable shore power or the shore is nowhere in sight, Magnum Energy inverter/chargers and accessories can make boating and sailing even more enjoyable.

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Applications: Shore power, Power offshore, Solar power, Generator power

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles include ambulance, fire, police, hazardous materials and other specialty designs. Both public and private entities use inverters to power IV warmers, ventilation fans, pumps, defibrillator, and other computerized devices.

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Applications: IV Warmers, IV Coolers, Ventilation Fans, Pumps, Defibrillator, Laptop Computer, Heart Monitors, Thermal Blanket