Magnum Brochures/Catalogs


PV+Storage Solutions PV+Storage_brochure-MagnumEnergy-64-5021_revA-web-singlepgs.pdf

Magnum Panel Brochure 64-5000 Rev D | Magnum Panel Brochure

Solutions for Simple Power Needs | Lower Power Inverters and Charge Controllers: 64-5020_LowPowerBrochure_RevB

​Reliable Power Wherever You Are | Renewable Energy Products Overview: 64-5017_RenewableBrochure_RevA

​Reliable Mobile Power | Mobile Inverters and Accessories Overview: 64-5018_MobileBrochure_RevA

​Marine Brochure | Safe and Reliable Power for Marine Applications: 64-5024 Rev A


230 VAC / 50 Hz International Catalog:

Mobile Catalog: 64-5005_MagnumEnergy_MobileCatalog_RevE

Renewable Energy Catalog: 64-5010_MagnumEnergy_RenewableCatalog_RevE

Comparison Sheets

Inverter Charger Feature Comparison Magnum_comparison_02-2008_revb.pdf

Remote and Router Comparison Magnum Energy Router Remote Comparison | PN 64-0675 RevC

Quick Start References

Lithium Battery Settings: 64-5029 Rev A | Lithium Battery Settings Reference Guide