Magnum Remote Controls

CSW-RS Remote Switch

     Owner's Manual 64-0065-Rev-A-CSW-RS-Web.pdf

ME-ARC Remote

     Owner's Manual Rev 4.0 and higher 64-0030-Rev-C-ME-ARC_CD_Web.pdf
     Owner's Manual: Spanish 64-0030-02-Rev-B-ME-ARC_SPA_Web.pdf
     Compatibility Matrix Rev 2.3 and 2.4 64-0030-03-Rev-1-12-Compatibility-Sheet-for-ME-ARC.pdf
     Compatibility Matrix Rev 3.0 and 3.01 64-0030-030-Rev-C-Compatibility-Sheet-for-ME-ARC-Rev-3.0.pdf
     Compatibility Matrix Rev 4.0 64-0030-040-Rev-C-Compatibility-Sheet-for-ME-ARC-Rev-4.0.pdf

ME-ARTR Router

     Owner's Manual: 64-0091 Rev A | ME-ARTR Owner's Manual
     Data Sheet: 64-0676 Rev B | ME-ARTR Data Sheet

ME-MR Remote

     Owner's Manual: ME-MR Remote Control Owner's Manual | 64-0031, Rev E

ME-RC Remote

     Owner's Manual 64-0003-Rev-G-ME-RC_Web.pdf
     Owner's Manual: Spanish 64-0003-02-Rev-G-ME-RC_SPA_web.pdf
     Compatibility Matrix Rev 2.7 64-0003-027-Rev-E-Inverter-Compatibility-Matrix-for-ME-RC-Rev-2.7.pdf
     Compatibility Matrix Rev 2.8 64-0003-028-Rev-C-Inverter-Compatibility-Matrix-for-ME-RC-Rev-2.8.pdf

MM-R and MM-RC Remotes

     Owner's Manual: 64-0012 Rev F | MM-R and MM-RC Remotes Owner's Manual

ME-RTR Router

     Owner's Manual 64-0020-Rev-C-ME-RTR_CD.pdf
     Compatibility Matrix 64-0020-031-Rev-C-Inverter-Compatibility-Matrix-for-ME-RTR-Ver-3.1.pdf