Magnum Brand Accessories

AC Transfer Switch (CSW-TS15)


Conduit Box (ME-CB)

     64-0018 Rev B | ME-CB Installation Guide

DC Load Disconnect (ME-DCLD)

     64-0021 Rev B | ME-DCLD Instruction Sheet

DC Load Disconnect (MM-DCLD)

    64-0027 | MM-DCLD Instruction Sheet

Fuse Blocks

    Small 64-0053-Rev-A-ME-F-Small.pdf
    Large 64-0054-Rev-A-ME-F-Large.pdf


    64-0057 Rev B | MS-GFCI Instruction Sheet

Ignition Switch Activate (ME-ISA/MM-ISA)

    64-0075 Rev A | ME-ISA Instruction Sheet
    64-0037 | MM-ISA Instruction Sheet

Ignition Switch Lockout (ME-ISW)

    64-0024 | ME-ISW Instruction Sheet

MagWeb (ME-MW-W, ME-MW-E)  

     ME-MW-W Owner's Manual: 64-0050 Rev A | ME-MW-W Owner's Manual
     ME-MW-E Owner's Manual: 64-0055 Rev A | ME-MW-E Owner's Manual
     MagWeb Data Sheet: 64-0650 Rev C | MagWeb Data Sheet

MagWeb GT (ME-MGT-MW)  

     MagWeb GT Owner's Manual     64-0086-Q A Owner Manual, ME-MGT-MW.pdf
     MagWeb GT Quick Reference Guide     64-0086-Q A Owner Manual, ME-MGT-MW.pdf
     MagWeb GT Array Map     64-2011 Rev A Array Map
     MagWeb GT Datasheet     MagWebGT_datasheet_64-0651_RevB-web.pdf
     Guide to Accessing the MagWeb GT via the Internet Tech-note-How_to_access_MagWebGT_from_internet-2017-09-RevA.pdf


     ME-MGT Owner's Manual    64-0088 Rev A (ME-MGT-Adapter).pdf

Outdoor Enclosure (MP-ODE)

     Instruction Sheet: MP-ODE Instruction Sheet 64-0083 Rev A

Pigtail Adapters (ME-PT1, ME-PT2)

     Instruction Sheet PT1: 64-0025 Rev B | ME-PT1 Instruction Sheet
     Instruction Sheet PT2: 64-0026 Rev D | ME-PT2 Instruction Sheet

RV-C Bridge (ME-RVC)

     Instruction Sheet: 64-0079 Rev A | ME-RVC Instruction Sheet
     Instruction Sheet: 64-0601 Rev A | ME-RVC Data Sheet

Remote Bezel (ME-RC-BZ)

     Instruction Sheet: 64-0049 Rev A | ME-RC-BZ Instruction Sheet

Remote Switch Adapters (ME-RSA, ME-RSA-M)

     ME-RSA Instructions: 64-0022 Rev A | ME-RSA Instruction Sheet
     ME-RSA-M Instructions: 64-0023 Rev A | ME-RSA-M Instruction Sheet

Series Stacking Cable Kit (ME-SSI)

     Owner's Manual: 64-0009 Rev A | ME-SSI Owner's Manual
     Diagrams: AD-0001 | ME-SSI Series Stacking Diagrams