Magnum Interconnection Equipment

Storm Kit™

     Data Sheet: Storm Kit Datasheet | 64-0677 Rev A

     Sell Sheet to share with your customers: Storm Kit Consumer Datasheet | 64-0674 Rev A

Mini Magnum Panel (MMP Series)

     Owner's Manual 64-0029-Rev-D-Mini-Magnum-Panel_Web.pdf

Magnum Panel (MP Series)

     Owner's Manual 64-0028%20Rev%20A%20%28Magnum%20Panel%29%20Final.pdf

AC Breaker (BR-AC)

     Instruction Sheet 64-0043-Rev-A-AC-Breakers.pdf

Backplate - Dual & Single (BP-D, BP-S)

     Instruction Sheet 64-0048-Rev-A-BP-S-and-BP-D.pdf

Backplate - MMP (BP-MMP)

     Instruction Sheet 64-0034-Rev-B-BP-MMP.pdf

Charge Controller Bracket (MP-CCB)

     Instruction Sheet 64-0044 Rev E | MP-CCB Instruction Sheet

Conduit Box (ME-CB)

     Installation Guide ME-CB Conduit Box Installation Guide | 64-0018 Rev B

DC Breakers (BR-DC)

     High Capacity Instruction Sheet 64-0040-Rev-B-BR-High-Capacity-Breakers.pdf
     Back Mount Instruction Sheet 64-0041-Rev-C-DC-Load-Breakers-BM_web.pdf
     DC Load Breakers - DIN Instruction Sheet DC Load Breakers - DIN Instruction Sheet | 64-0042 Rev A

MP Conduit Box/Enclosure (MPX-CB)

     Installation Guide 64-0061 Rev B | MPX-CB Installation Guide

MP Extension Box (MPX Series)

     Owner's Manual 64-0051%20Rev%20A%20MPX%20Series.pdf

MP Hood (MP-Hood)

     Instruction Sheet 64-0047-Rev-A-MP-HOOD.pdf