Dimensions Product Warranty

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Decades of Dimensions engineering of mission critical inverters have proven that our power products stand up to the rigors of the real world.

Our confidence is derived from a robust design and quality manufacturing. This is why we can stand behind these inverters with an industry leading warranty.






Dimensions Series Fleet Customer Inverter Warranty

4 Years, with first 2 Years of Advanced Replacement | Warranty PDF

Sensata Series Fleet Customer Inverter Warranty

2 Years | Warranty PDF


Dimensions OEM, HV, specialty and accessory products may be offered with different warranty periods, see product pages for details.

Advanced Replacement Program (A.R.P.)

Sensata is aware that some inverters, should they fail, could cause hardship for our customers. This plan is designed to replace any inverters that are of such critical importance that our customers cannot wait the normal one week for a defective inverter to be repaired.

Sensata will ship an advance replacement inverter within two (2) working days of a telephone conversation that confirms that an inverter problem exists. Sensata request a form of payment (i.e. credit card or purchase order) before shipping a replacement inverter. The defective inverter should be returned, to Sensata Technologies, White Bear Lake within two (2) weeks of the installation of the replacement inverter using the same container in which the replacement inverter was shipped. A prepaid return shipping label will be provided for your convenience to return the defective inverter. Sensata at that time will evaluate the defective inverter for warranty consideration and at that time a refund of the replacement cost will be issued. If there are no problems found with the inverter, it will be returned to you and no refund will be issued.

Note: Advance replacement inverters may be manufactured or refurbished units and have used chassis and covers. The electronic circuits in these units will be the current revision level and the units will be thoroughly tested as complete units before shipping.