Magnum Inverter Charger - Pure Sine Wave

Tech Notes

     Tech Note How to Overcome AHJ Concerns with AC Coupled Systems | 2018 Rev A

MMS Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0036 Rev C MMS Series Owners Manual
     Data Sheet MMS_series_datasheet_revE_#64-0475_web.pdf

MMSA Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0073-Rev-A-MMSA-Series_Web.pdf
     Data Sheet MMSA_series_datasheet_64-0501_RevC-web.pdf

MS Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0007 Rev F MS Series
​     Data Sheet MS_series_datasheet_revJ_#64-0200_web.pdf

MS-G Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0070-Rev-A-MS-G-Series_Web.pdf

MSH-M Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0058-Rev-A-MSH-M-Series_Web.pdf
​     Data Sheet MSH-M_series_datasheet_revC_#64-0497_web.pdf

MSH-RE Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0059-Rev-A-MSH-RE-Series_Web.pdf
​     Data Sheet MSH-RE_series_datasheet_revB_#64-0498_web.pdf

MSH-RV RV Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0089 Rev A | MSH3012RV Owner's Manual
     Data Sheet 64-0503 Rev A | MSH-RV Series Data Sheet

MS-PAE Series

     Owner's Manual 64-0032 revC Owners Manual MS-PAE Series.pdf
​     Data Sheet MS-PAE_series_datasheet_revD_#64-0275_web.pdf