Magnum Certifications

Authorization to Mark (ATM)

These documents are provided to show which Magnum products have been independently tested and certified for product safety.

ME Series

ATM (ME and MS Series and (-G) for UL458-CSA) Issued 1-Dec-2016.pdf

MM Series

ATM (MM612 - UL458 and CSA) Issued 17-Apr-2018​.pdf
ATM (MM1212 and MMA1212 - UL458 and CSA) Issued 17-Apr-2018​.pdf
ATM (MM1212 and MMA1212 - UL458 & CSA) Issued 2-Mar-2015.pdf​

MMS Series

ATM (MMS1012 and MMSA1012 - UL458, UL1741 and CSA) Issued 20-Apr-2018​.pdf
ATM MMS1012 and MMSA1012 UL458 UL1741 CSA Issued 14-Aug-2015.pdf

MP and MMP Panels

ATM (MP-MMP Series - UL1741 & CSA) Issued 25-May-2018

MS Series

ATM (MS2012, MS2812, MS2024, MS4024 and MS4048 and -G - UL1741 & CSA) Issued 12-Feb-2019.pdf
ATM (ME and MS Series and (-G) for UL458-CSA) Issued 1-Dec-2016.pdf

MSH-M Series

ATM (MSH4024M, MSH3012M, MSH3012RV - UL458) Issued 17-Apr-2018​.pdf

MSH-RE Series

ATM (MSH4024RE - UL1741 and CSA) Issued 20-Apr-2018​.pdf

MS-PAE Series

ATM (MS4448, MS4024AE, MS4024PAE and MS4448PAE - UL1741 & CSA) Issued 28-Dec-2018

RD Series

ATM (RD 1824, RD 2824, RD 3924 and RD 2212) Issued 22-Nov-2016​.pdf

EC Declaration of Conformity



ATM (PT-100 - UL1741, CSA, T.I.L I43) Issued 25 May 2018


ATM (ACLD-40 - UL1741 and T.I.L I43) Issued 17-Apr-2018.pdf