Both day cab and sleeper units need AC power for auxiliary power devices, anti-idling requirements, and more traditional “hotel” loads such as televisions, DVD’s, computers, printers, CPAPs, and microwaves.  Most consumer electrical equipment require a clean and constant source of AC power available only in the Pure Sine Wave inverters.  UL listed products are strongly encouraged in this industrial segment.


Coffee Maker
Video Game Console
Laptop Computer
Crock Pot
Toaster Oven
Flat Screen TV
Air Conditioner

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Product Inverter
Model Number Wattage Waveform
CSW1012 (CSW1012-NG, CSW1012W) 1,000W Pure Sine View Product
12/1800N 1,800W Pure Sine View Product
12/3000N (12/3000DN) 3,000W Pure Sine View Product