Battery Presets

How to Setup LFP Battery Charging with the ME-RC

This episode of the Magnum Energy video series is designed to help guide you through the screens of the ME-RC revision 2.9 in order to setup and optimize your charger parameters for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Other revisions may show slightly different screens, but this video should get you through the basics of programming. Please note that this video is not meant to go over every possible scenario, but rather give you an idea of how to program your system for your particular setup.

Product Update: Lithium Profile Added to Battery Presets on Inverter/Chargers

Magnum Energy brand pure sine wave inverter/chargers now provide greater ease of use for installers and end users with built-in battery presets for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery types.

The LFP profile joins existing profiles for Gel, Flooded, AGM1, and AGM2 battery presets. Presets can be conveniently accessed through Magnum Energy brand remote controls.