How to Setup LFP Battery Charging with the ME-RC

This episode of the Magnum Energy video series is designed to help guide you through the screens of the ME-RC revision 2.9 in order to setup and optimize your charger parameters for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Other revisions may show slightly different screens, but this video should get you through the basics of programming. Please note that this video is not meant to go over every possible scenario, but rather give you an idea of how to program your system for your particular setup. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more in-depth information.

Starting at the main screen of your ME-RC, press Setup.

Turn the Select Knob to 04 Battery Type.

Press Select.

From here you can use the Select Knob to adjust what type of battery you have: Gel, Flooded, AGM1, AGM2, CC/CV, Custom, and LFP.

In this example, we will select LFP as that is a pre-programmed profile for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. You may also choose CC/CV to engage Constant Current/Constant Voltage charging, or dial in your voltages using the Custom setting.

Press the Select knob to lock in your choice.

After pressing Select you will come back to the Battery Type screen. Turn the Select Knob counterclockwise until you see 03 Absorb Time.

Press the Select Knob.

You will need to figure out how many hours your system should be in Absorb to fully charge your batteries. The default setting is 1.5 hours. To adjust this, turn the Select Knob to the appropriate setting for your battery bank. Press the Select Knob to lock in your choice.

If you are unsure of where your Absorb Hours should be, it would be best to refer to your battery manufacturer or system installer.

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries generally need to cut out at a higher voltage than Lead Acid batteries since they maintain their voltage for a longer period, so next we will adjust the Low Battery Cut Out setting.

Turn the knob counterclockwise until you see 02 LowBattCutOut. Press select to adjust this setting.

Turn the knob clockwise to increase this voltage to at least 11VDC on a 12V system, 22V on a 24V system, or 44V on a 48V system, or higher depending on your battery manufacturer’s recommendations.

Press Select to save.

Now that you have successfully entered in your charging parameters, you can press Meter to get back to the Main Screen.

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Video: How to Setup LFP Battery Charging with the ME-RC