Product Update: NP Series Inverter/Chargers Now Have Preset Lithium Battery Profiles

Well known for their rock-solid performance in demanding situations, the Dimensions NP Series line of inverter/chargers now make battery configuration even easier with built-in battery presets for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery types.

Using either the Seven Segment Remote Control or LCD Remote Display, program your Dimensions NP Series inverter/charger to charge LFP batteries. The Seven Segment Remote requires software version FW0027.C and later and the LCD Display requires software version FW0067.D and later to implement the built-in LFP presets.

The LFP profile has been added to both the 12 and 24-volt NP models with serial number WA210010001 and later, including:

NP Series 12 Volt: 12NP18, 12NP18R, 12NP20, 12NP20HR, 12NP20R, 12NP24, 12NP30, 12NP30R

NP Series 24 Volt: 24NP36

The NP Series, Seven Segment Remote, and LCD Remote with integrated LFP profile presets are available in February 2021. Contact your regional sales manager with question and to order.

While you should always reference your full Owner’s Manual when installing any Dimensions product, we have created a Quick Reference Guide to quickly walk you through the new LFP settings.