Features of the Magnum Energy ME-ARC Remote Control

Get to know Magnum inside and out through our recent video series, which shows not just how Magnum products work but how they work together to give you a next-generation power system. This episode covers the features and options available on the Magnum Energy advanced feature remote control, the ME-ARC. Compatible with all Magnum brand inverter/chargers, the ME-ARC provides flexible control over your system with an easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated control features. The large LCD screen and status LEDs provide at-a-glance inverter/charger information, soft keys give simple access to menus, and a rotary encoder knob allows quick navigation through menus and select settings.

Want ultimate control over your generator, too? The ME-ARC is compatible with the ME-AGS auto generator start module, allowing you to start and stop your generator according to a precise time, temperature, or voltage. Keeping your living space at the perfect temperature and your batteries at a safe charge has never been easier.

The ME-ARC features a Favs button for storing up to five of your favorite setup menus; a Control button for fast and easy control of the inverter, charger, and generator; a Meter button with AC and DC meters; and additional setup and tech menus to give you advanced control over your entire system. Once you’ve saved your settings, the non-volatile memory of the ME-ARC ensures that these critical preferences are saved even if the power is disconnected.

Simple but powerful, the ME-ARC is perfect for homes on land, sea, or on the road. For more information about the ME-ARC, visit the Magnum Energy advanced remote product page.

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Features of the Magnum Energy ME-ARC Remote Control