Features of the Magnum Energy ME-ARC Remote Control

Get to know Magnum inside and out through our recent video series, which shows not just how Magnum products work but how they work together to give you a next-generation power system. This episode covers the features and options available on the Magnum Energy advanced feature remote control, the ME-ARC. Compatible with all Magnum brand inverter/chargers, the ME-ARC provides flexible control over your system with an easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated control features.

Get to Know the ME-AGS Auto Gen Start

Keep your living space cool and your batteries charged without supervision and without worry. This episode in the Magnum Energy video series introduces the features and options available on the ME-AGS, the Magnum Energy Auto Generator Start module. The ME-AGS monitors inside room temperature and low-battery conditions to start or stop your generator at the perfect moment, keeping your living space cool and comfortable even while you are away.