Reading the ME-AGS Meter Screens on the ME-ARC Remote

Uncomfortably hot living spaces and depleted batteries are things of the past with the Magnum ME-AGS auto generator start module. Connecting the ME-AGS to the ME-ARC gives you ultimate control over your generator, whether you own an Onan, Powertech, Generac, Westerbeke, Kohler, EPS, Northern Lights, or another model with an electric start. This episode in the Magnum Energy video series is designed to help guide you through the meter screens of the ME-ARC revision 4.0 in order to better understand your Automatic Generator Start. Other revisions may show slightly different screens, but this video should get you through the basics. These are all read-only screens and are meant to give insight into your system and what your AGS is seeing. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more in-depth information.

Press Meter on the main screen of your ME-ARC and navigate to 04 AGS Meters to get started. AGS Status tell you what is going on with the AGS at the time you’re looking at it. Start VDC describes a generator turned on due to low voltage, Off means the AGS is currently disabled, No Comm indicates that no AGS is connected. In a normal operation, we would expect this status to read Ready if the generator was not running and the AGS was properly set up. Other useful screens under the Meter menu include:

  • 04B DC Volts: This screen represents the battery voltage the AGS sees. This is also the voltage the AGS uses to determine if the generator should turn on or not. This can be helpful to monitor when troubleshooting a voltage outside of a normal range.
  • 04C Gen Run Time: This screen shows the amount of time the generator has been running. This is also the screen your Max Gen Run Time setting uses to switch the generator off because it’s been going too long.​
  • 04D AGS Temp: This screen displays the AGS temp sensor, which represents the ambient temperature when properly placed in your living space.
  • 04E Since GenRun: This screen shows days elapsed since the AGS last started the generator.
  • 04F Since 100%: This screen shows how many days it has been since the system last saw 100% SOC (if you have a BMK battery monitoring kit installed).
  • 04G Hour Meter. This screen displays how many hours the generator has run since this  hour meter͟ was last reset, a helpful number if you wish to track usage past an arbitrary pont, such as when the generator was last serviced. 
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Reading the ME-AGS Meter Screens on the ME-ARC Remote