Sensata Technologies to Release for Sale its Magnum Energy Microinverter and Several Key New Products at Solar Power International in September 2016

Originally published on Press Rocket

ALMELO, Netherlands, Sept. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (NYSE: ST) (“Sensata”), is proud to release for sale it’s highly anticipated Magnum Energy MicroGT 500 micro-inverter, the first micro-inverter designed to communicate seamlessly with the Magnum Energy PAE inverter/charger.  Designed with energy storage in mind, the MicroGT 500 is a daisy chained, dual MPPT, grid tied micro-inverter.  It is rapid shut down compliant, while offering the traditional functional advantages of a micro-inverter and the economic and deployment advantages afforded by its multiple module, daisy chain topology.  In addition, the MicroGT 500 is storage ready, enabling the user to add significant amounts of storage when they are ready with the industry leading Magnum Energy PAE inverter charger.  The 4.4kW PAE’s parallelable and split phase in one box design offers industry leading power density and cost per watt.  This robust and economic solution provides an upgrade path to meaningful storage – when ready.  The MicroGT 500 is now available for sale and will be sold through the Magnum Energy traditional distribution channel with product availability beginning in October 2016.

Further expanding its product line, Magnum Energy is also releasing eight new low power charge controllers, a Three Bank battery charger for Marine application, and an outdoor power enclosure for housing the Magnum Energy balance of system solution for Renewable application.  These products will be viewable at SPI 2016 and will be available for sale through Magnum Energy distributors. 

  • Low Power Charge Controllers: Seven PWM models and one MPPT model ranging from 6 – 40A, with both LED or LCD display, integrated light control and electronic protection, including overcharge, deep discharge, reverse polarity, short circuit, overvoltage, over temperature, reverse current, and load disconnection.
  • True 3 Bank Battery Charger: A 40A true, three-bank charger that can charge three different battery banks simultaneously, automatically detecting number of battery banks, AC input voltage and frequency for universal AC input, with support for multiple battery profiles and fully custom settings.
  • Outdoor Enclosure: A NEMA 3 rated outdoor enclosure designed for mounting and housing our fully interconnected system including inverter/charger, PT100 charge controllers and full electrical balance of system components.

Tom Potter, Sensata’s senior business director for Power Conversion Solutions, noted, “These new platforms in our Magnum Energy portfolio continue our efforts to round out our product matrix and solve a broader range of problems for our customers.  Sensata Technologies has emerged as the clear off grid power electronics leader with the Magnum Energy brand in Renewables and Marine, and the Magnum Energy and Dimensions brands in Mobile applications such as RV’s and Work Trucks, so we are thrilled to continue to introduce new product solutions for our customers in these key end markets.”  Mike Dixon, renewables and marine product marketing and sales manager, added “We said at the outset that 2016 would be an exciting year and it has.  Demand for our MicroGT and PT100 solutions has been overwhelmingly positive and we anticipate that these product line expansions will continue to meet the requirements of our customer base.  It’s what we mean by #ExcellenceExpanded.”