How to Install the Magnum Energy PT-100 Charge Controller

This video is designed to help guide you through installing the PT-100 MPPT charge controller on a Magnum Panel using the charge controller bracket (included with MMP, MPSL, MPSH, and MPDH Panel Systems).

If mounting to a Magnum Panel using the charge controller bracket, the tools you will need are:

Understanding MMP and MP Panels

Join Sensata lead engineer John Taylor as he takes you on a tour of Magnum Energy's MP solution. The MP is a panel system that provides AC and DC integration for Magnum inverters (including the popular split-phase MS-PAE Series), perfect for renewable energy, off-grid, and backup power applications. A full system ready to be installed, the MP Series eliminates the need to provide breakers, circuit protection, and a bus bar by the installer. Start small and scale up as your energy system grows, with several varieties and sizes (MPSL, MPSH, MPDH, and MMP) to meet your needs.