Understand the ME-ARC Remote Meter Screens for the PT-100 Charge Controller

Robust data about your PT-100 is at your fingertips with the Magnum Energy advanced feature remote, the ME-ARC. This episode of the Magnum video series is here to guide you through the meter screens of the ME-ARC revision 4.0 in order to see what your PT-100s are doing. Other revisions may show slightly different screens, but this video should get you through the menus. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more in-depth information.

Starting at the main screen of your ME-ARC, press Meter. Navigate and select the 07 PT Meters submenu to access the following options:

  • 07A PT Status shows the status of your PT-100s. This is also the screen that will indicate if your PT-100 is actively in a fault. Press and then turn the knob to view the Power Status and Relay Status.
  • 07B PV Volts. This screen indicates how many volts are coming into the PT-100 on the PV side.
  • 07C Bat Volts. This screen tells you how many volts the PT-100 sees on the battery side.
  • 07D Target Volts. This screen shows the voltage the PT-100 is trying to reach as well as what temperature it is using for temperature compensation. If your system was actively in Bulk, we would expect this target voltage to be your Absorb setting, adjusted for temperature compensation.
  • 07E Batt Amps. This displays the amperage pushed out to the batteries in real time.
  • 07F Power to Batt. This screen shows the output of the PT-100 to the batteries, with three distinct values: “Now” is the instantaneous value of wattage we are putting put to the batteries; “Life” is the total power out of the controller since it was installed; “Reset” is the total power out since the last reset. To reset this number, press and hold the Select knob for 5 seconds.
  • 07G Ground Fault. This menu displays the real-time measurement of current going through the ground fault inside the PT-100. This meter can be monitored to give an indication of developing ground faults in a system.
  • 07H PT Data. Press Select to see the PT Log, which shows PT Data history regarding Harvest, maximum power from the PV array, maximum battery voltage, minimum battery voltage, the amount of time the PT-100 has been on or working, and the amount of amp-hours that have been sent to the batteries. This information is saved for up to 255 days.
  • 07I Clear PT Data History. Press Select if you want to clear the historical data in your PT-100. Press and hold the Select knob for 5 seconds while in this screen. You’ll see a countdown and when it gets to zero will say Data History Cleared.
  • 07J PT-100 Version. This screen shows the firmware revision of your charge controller.

Never be in doubt about the performance or status of your PT-100s; the ME-ARC makes it easy to access the data you need. When you are finished reviewing the PT-100 meter menus, press Meter to return to the main screen.

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Understand the ME-ARC Remote Meter Screens for the PT-100 Charge Controller