Setup a PT-100 Charge Controller with the ME-ARC Remote

Having the residential PV+Storage system of your dreams is not as complex as you might think. With the powerful Magnum Energy advanced feature remote (ME-ARC), together with the PT-100 charge controller, you can have a next-generation power system with today’s tools from Magnum. This episode of our recent video series is designed to help guide you through the screens of the ME-ARC revision 4.0 in order to setup your PT-100. Other revisions may show slightly different screens, but this video should get you through the basics of programming. Please note that this video is not meant to go over every possible scenario, but rather give you an idea of how to program your system for your particular setup. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more in-depth information.

To begin, press the Setup button. If you’d like to link the charge parameters so that the inverter and PT-100 will use the same charge parameters, select the 01 System Setup and navigate to 01E Link PT Charge Settings. Disabling the link means you will need to go through the Setup menu and program the PT-100 charge controller manually using the 06 PT Setup submenu:

  • 06A Battery Type. You can choose from Gel, AGM1, AGM2, Flooded, CC/CV, or Custom.
  • 06B Absorb Done. Turn the knob to adjust your setting to Time, Amps, or SOC and then set the appropriate parameters in hours, amps, or charge percentage.
  • 06C Max Charge Rate. This option allows you to limit your charge rate of the PT-100.
  • 06D Max Charge Time. Choosing Off means the charge controller will continue to charge as long as there is sunlight on your panels.
  • 06E Bulk Start. This setting tells the charge controller when we should start Bulk charging. To start a bulk charge when the sun comes up, leave it at Yes.
  • 06H Power Save PT. This setting is similar to the Power Save for the ARC. The LEDs on the PT-100 will turn off and the display will go to sleep after the selected number of minutes (1-60).

Other options, including PT Relay and the PT Alarm, will be covered in upcoming videos. Once you’ve finished setting the PT link or appropriate options, press Meter to return to the main screen.

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Setup a PT-100 Charge Controller with the ME-ARC Remote