Setup and Optimize Inverter Parameters with the ME-ARC Remote

Compatible with all Magnum brand inverters, the advanced feature remote (ME-ARC) provides flexible control over your power system with an easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated control features. This episode of the Magnum Energy video series will help guide you through the screens of the ME-ARC revision 4.0 in order to setup and optimize your inverter. Other revisions may show slightly different screens, but this video should get you through the basics of programming. Please note that this video is not meant to go over every possible scenario, but rather give you an idea of how to program your system for your particular setup. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more in-depth information.

Navigate to the Inverter setup options by clicking the Setup button and rotating the knob to 02 Invert Setup. From here, several options are available to you, but those listed below provide the recommended options for inverter setup:

  • 02A Search Watts. This indicates how many watts worth of a resistive load the inverter needs to see before it will fully invert. This is meant to be a power saving feature so that your phantom loads don’t drain your battery bank. To keep the inverter inverting at all times, turn this setting to Off.
  • 02B LBCO Setting. This sets the voltage that will cause the inverter to emergency shut down in the event your batteries get too low.

Once you set the options and parameters appropriate for your system, click on the Meter button to return to the main screen. You have now successfully setup your inverter with the powerful ME-ARC advanced feature remote from Magnum Energy.

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Setup and Optimize Inverter Parameters with the ME-ARC Remote