How to Start an Equalization Charge with the ME-ARC Remote

This episode of the Magnum video series guides you through the screens of the ME-ARC revision 4.0 in order to successfully start an Equalization charge. Equalization is a higher voltage charge that helps de-sulfate Lead Acid batteries. Performing an Equalization charge on batteries other than liquid lead acid or certain AGM types could permanently damage them. Check with your battery manufacturer to see if Equalizing is right for your battery bank and consult your ME-ARC manual for more information and precautions. Make sure you have the proper amount of distilled water in the batteries as well as adequate ventilation, as this higher charge can cause gassing. It is generally recommended to disconnect DC and AC loads while Equalizing so that no damage is done to the DC loads and so the AC source can focus on Equalizing the batteries without having to worry about any AC load demand.

You should have already programmed your Equalization setpoints when setting up your battery charging parameters. Your inverter must actively be in Float or Full charge in order to initialize an Equalization charge. Press and hold the Charger On/Off button for 7 to 10 seconds. The status will change from Float to Equalizing.

As soon as you have successfully started Equalizing your batteries, press Meter to return to the main screen. Once the inverter has Equalized your batteries for the amount of time you programmed in the Charger setup, the system will automatically go into Float mode.

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How to Start an Equalization Charge with the ME-ARC Remote