3000W 12VDC Pure Hybrid Inverter Charger MSH-RV Series

3000W 12VDC Pure Hybrid Inverter Charger MSH-RV Series

MSH3012RV (MSH3012RV-L)

Designed specifically for use in RVs, the MSH-RV Series Inverter/Charger is a pure sine wave inverter designed with true hybrid technology allowing it to run larger loads from smaller generators.

Hybrid Technology: Most inverters only use one source of energy to power loads, either from incoming AC power – shore or AC generator – or from the batteries. The MSH-RV Series combines the energy from both sources to power loads. This allows the inverter to recharge the batteries when there is surplus power or deliver more power to the loads if they require more than the AC input can supply by itself.

Built-in RV-C Connector: The built in RV-C connector and protocol allows the MSH-RV Series to multiplex directly with the RV’s network bus/backbone. Program your inverter/charger settings using the RV’s system monitoring display.

Battery Profile Presets: Using ME-RC or ME-ARC Remote Controls, or built-in RV-C compliant interfaces via the ME-RVC Bridge, easily choose and set most standard battery profile settings, including Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) – only available via the ME-RC and ME-RVC, Gel, Flooded, AGM1, and AGM2.