Battery Backup When the Power Goes Out | Podcast

Hurricane season, followed closely by winter storm season can be a tough time to try and keep the lights on. Aging grid infrastructure and stronger storms play into longer and more frequent power outages. Keep the power flowing with Magnum Energy Storm Kits™ from Sensata Technologies. Storm Kits provide everything but the subpanel and batteries to add battery backup, ensuring a home has power during storm season, while giving you options.

The Magnum Energy team at Sensata has been delivering battery-based power solutions for fifteen years. As more and more homes with power coming from the grid are looking for options to maintain power when the power goes out, the team looked for ways to help installers help their customers add battery backup with ease. Using solid, tested technology, the result was a series of Storm Kits. The Storm Kits come in four configurations and provide:

  • Battery Choice: Pick the batteries that make the most sense for your area. You’re not limited by battery chemistry with Magnum Energy.
  • Lightweight, Easy Install Design: Storm Kits offer an easy-to-install design, making it reasonable for a single solar contractor to install a system.
  • Maximum Energy Harvest: The kit includes an MPPT PT-100 Charge Controller, which harvest the maximum available energy from the PV array for optimal battery charging.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation: Storm Kits have options for installing a panel indoors, or outdoors in a NEMA 3R-rated weather resistant, protective enclosure.
  • Options: Choose from 4000 or 4400 watt AC output and 24 or 48 VDC battery input, creating the system that best suits your needs.

And for homeowners: the system is easy to maintain.

Alan Santos Buch, Western Region Sales and Marketing Manager for the Magnum brand, recently sat down with Michelle Froese from Energy Storage Networks to talk about the battery backup when the power goes out. He gave this advice when prepping to add battery backup, “You’re living off grid when a power or storm event happens and you have to be prepared for that. So, you’re trying to minimize your loads… All of your appliances should be Energy Star rated, your lights should be LEDs. This is how you prepare and spend less money.

“You’re going to remove essential loads from the main panel that you want to power during a grid outage. Those are the absolute loads that you need to survive, and will be placed in a separate subpanel. The Storm Kit will sit in between the AC main panel and the subpanel. There is an internal transfer switch that will bring energy stored in the battery to your subpanel/load panel, where you have the central loads to power during a grid outage.”

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