Magnum Energy brand turns 15!

Magnum Energy opened its doors in 2002 with a simple goal, to manufacture well-designed, reliable inverters and inverter/chargers for mobile and renewable use. Fifteen years later, although under a new company, the Magnum Energy brand is still going strong. We continue to design and build inverters and inverter/chargers with the end user in mind. Reliable and easy-to-understand when you are in a remote area.

Over the years, we have expanded our offerings to include charge controllers, interconnections system equipment, chargers, remotes, and accessories when we have seen a need in the marketplace.

Throughout 2017, the Magnum Energy brand will be celebrating our customers with stories from you over the past 15 years about why #ILoveMyMagnum. And look for additional announcements about how we will be celebrating 15 years and going strong!

Tell us your Magnum Energy story on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #ILoveMyMagnum.

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