Testimonial | 2007 Volvo VNL780

Here's just some brief thoughts on how your product is working for me. I have recommended it to other drivers looking at inverters for their trucks.

It's been installed since the truck show in May running a 900 watt microwave, 4.1 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer, 22" LCD tv and a DVR consistently without any concerns. There are the other occasional loads added onto this for charging, fans and air filters.

I've been in 100+ degree weather and recently down into the low 20's. have not had any slow downs or power issues while parked without idling. I usually start it up a couple hours before I leave home, to cool down my fridge without running the truck and I don't worry about the draw and not being able to start the truck. Then I'm out an average of 3 weeks and during this time the inverter never gets shut off.

So I can say I'm extremely satisfied with it. I have no interference between the inverter and other electronics in the truck.

Rodger Harmon
2007 Volvo VNL780
Tracy, CA

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