NP Series Product Release

We've just released the "NP Series" which is our newest line of Pure Sine Inverter Chargers.

The “NP Series” Pure Sine Inverter/Charger is available in 12, 24, and 48VDC input with AC output power ranging from 1000-3600 watts.  The Power Factor corrected Charger puts out up to 60-150 amps DC depending on the model.  Most models are UL/CUL 458 Listed and feature easy to use DC and AC connections.

Dimensions is well known for its robust products and this new Inverter/Charger takes our quality designs to an even higher level.  These units pack a lot of power in a relatively small sized footprint in two chassis sizes and retain their cool with a processor controlled variable speed fan.

The Pure Sine Inverter is built to withstand the high output surge demands of motors, pumps, and other tools while providing high quality power for your sensitive electronic devices.  The Charger is Power Factor corrected which means that it will make the most of incoming AC power to efficiently charge your batteries.

Most systems comes with an easy to use 7-segment LED display (not the 48NP36L).  The display provides status, input/output values, programming, and troubleshooting information.  The display can also be used as a remote for use in another part of the vehicle by ordering an extension kit.

Use the links below to see product specifications:
12NP10   12VDC Input, 120VAC 1000 Watt Ouput
12NP15   12VDC Input, 120VAC 1500 Watt Output
12NP20   12VDC Input, 120VAC 2000 Watt Output
12NP30   12VDC Input, 120VAC 3000 Watt Output
24NP8V   24VDC Input, 120VAC 1200 Watt Output
24NP24   24VDC Input, 120VAC 2400 Watt Output
24NP36   24VDC Input, 120VAC 3600 Watt Output
48NP36L   48VDC Input, 120VAC 3600 Watt Output