Hard Reset Instructions for Magnum Energy Inverter/Chargers

Quick guide hard reset instruction for Magnum Energy inverter/chargers.

Always refer to your instruction manual for full instructions.

1. Turn off AC power to inverter. Failure to do so may result in damage to the inverter.

2. Open (turn off) the inverter’s positive DC disconnect (or disconnect the positive battery cable to the inverter). If using multiple inverters stacked together, open all inverter’s DC disconnects at the same time.

Note: If removing all battery power (positive and negative) to the inverter, do not remove the DC negative connections to the inverter or any accessory until after all positive battery connections have been disconnected. This will prevent damage to the inverter or to any network connected accessory.

3. Ensure the inverter(s) and the remote are disconnected from all AC and DC power (the remote display will be blank).

4. After the inverter(s) has been disconnected from all power for at least 5 minutes, reconnect the inverter DC disconnects (or reconnect the positive battery cable) and resume operation.

Note: If DC disconnects are not used, there may be a momentary spark when the positive battery cable is connected to the inverter’s terminal. This is normal and indicates that the inverter’s internal capacitors are being charged.