MagWeb GT Monitoring Kit

MagWeb GT Monitoring Kit


The Magnum Energy MagWeb GT is the integrated dashboard of the MicroGT system engineered for PV + Storage systems. The storage-ready, MicroGT Microinverter system is designed for solar + storage. Install the MicroGT independently and then combine at any time with a Magnum Energy MS-PAE inverter/charger for grid-tied, battery backup. Both the microinverters and the inverter/charger are optimized to work together seamlessly for a simple AC-coupled installation that prevents the battery bank from overcharging.

With the addition of the MagWeb GT, monitoring the production data from the array and the battery bank status of the storage system are accessed via your local network from one simple dashboard. 

Guide to accessing your MagWebGT via the Internet (PDF):

Tech Note: How to access MagWebGT from Internet | September 2017 | RevA