Dimensions High Voltage Documents

Industrial Applications (High Voltage)

Our Dimensions® inverters are built for rugged industrial applications. Utilizing large case MOSFET switching technology, our designs ensure reliability and performance for all of your industrial needs. Sensata Technologies offers a one year warranty on High Voltage inverters.

64VDC Input 1000-8000W Inverters - 130935-64L

125VDC Input 750-6000W Inverters - 130936-125L

250VDC Input 900W Inverter (Uninteruptible Power System) - 121175

250VDC Input 1800W Inverter (Uninteruptible Power System) - 121177

250VDC Input 1000-2000W Inverters - 130938

250VDC Input 3000-9000W Inverters - 130939

250VDC 900-1800W (Uninteruptible Power Systems) - 130942

250VDC Suppressor - 131089

300VDC 1000-2000W Inverters - 130940

300VDC 3000-7000W Inverters - 130941